Technology planning

Technology planning is all about communication and business processes.  It is not as much about the software or hardware.  Cell phones, computers, e-mails, databases, documents, spreadsheets, and web applications are all tools to enable communication and business processes.  Many small businesses acquire computers and technology out of the necessity to have a website, e-mail, software for accounting, inventory, shipping and customer contact.  They often struggle managing accumulated hardware and software. 

Well, how about turning technology into a competitive advantage? Without exception, those who successfully use technology to outperform their competitors , communicate effectively, have efficient business processes and make money faster have a plan. They look into the future.  Technology changes so fast!  Those who plan minimize their expenses and squeeze the most out of their technology investments.

Every business is different.  Their needs for technology are different.  On the other hand, what a business does not need today may be essential for business advantage tomorrow. 

  • How do you make your decisions on technology investments?
  • Do you need to make your information accessible on mobile devices or while away from the office?
  • Does it make sense for you to continue to use software on your desktop or use cloud computing instead?
  • Should you have wired or wireless Internet connection in your office?
  • Would you reduce your communication expenses by using VOIP and still have reliable phone service?

These are a sample of issues that need to be addressed in a Technology Plan.

People ---->Business Process----->  Technology = Custom Solutions

A TECHNOLOGY PLAN is most essential for any business to effectively leverage its technology investments into business advantage.  Of course, your Technology Plan needs to be based on your Business Plan.  Your technology plan also should influence and be influenced by your Marketing plan and your Financial plan as well.  Solaris Services will of course help you with your Technology Plan, but we could also give you support in developing your Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Financial Plan.