Make your Business Process More Profitable

Many business owners and entrepreneurs experiencing the excitement of company growth may also experience the frustrations that come along with growth, such as increased administrative tasks.  While it is important that these tasks be done properly, doing them yourself or having team leaders do them eats away more time leaving leaders with less personal resources to get out and promote business.

Mindfully examining your “business process” can help you streamline your time, delegate administrative tasks to other trusted individuals, and free up time to increase profitability.  Below are five important tips for putting your business process to work for you:

  • Look at your entire business process collectively; examine all aspects of the work flow and related tasks that bring your product through development and into your client’s hands.  Consider stream-lining and delegating these tasks to save time and money:
    • Scheduling projects, meetings, timelines, travel, and budgets
    • Routine communication with clients and/or vendors
    • Time sheet and/or bookkeeping processing
    • General marketing and report generation
    • Routine internal communication
  • When delegating business process details to others in the organization be sure to:
    • Involve your team in the thought process early
    • Clearly define roles; play to people’s strengths
    • Make sure each team’s contributions are visible
    • Establish timelines and communication expectations

As a company grows, teams may shift and pick up additional responsibilities, but another effective way to handle the details that can bog down team productivity is use our product and service.   Our Solution can be particularly helpful in times of growth to streamline all your other business process systems that are driving your success.  Consider the following advantages:

  • Our Solution is providing a virutal assitant who is an independent contractor who relies on referrals of his or her client to keep employed; therefore, you will have an invested employee with little overhead costs such as insurance and training.
  • By having our solution handle routine details, your business process will gain visible efficiency and across the board teams will have more time for productivity.
  • Our Product and Service comes to you already trained with necessary competencies to free up your time to promote your business including the use of some of the following tools that in house employees might lack :
    • Group collaboration software such as Google Apps , we can implement for you , we are an authorized re-seller Contact us
    • Project tracking can be performed using our services
    • Extensive knowledge of spreadsheet and other data collection and sharing using Google Apps

The whole point of delegating work to team members or using our product is to free up your time to do further development work.  To help you keep track of the work you delegated and to keep the process moving smoothly you will want to be sure that you:

  • Set clear goals and remain realistic about the scope of tasks you delegate.
  • Educate the person on your company’s vision statement and the business process of your company so that s/he sees how the delegated tasks fit into the big picture.
  • Create an agreed upon timeline for checking in on the status of the project, as well as the time line for completing the project.
  • Keep communication open and be receptive of suggestions for improving processes; a fresh pair of eyes tending to administrative details across your organization can spot places to streamline and save money.
  • Set up a process to review completed projects and take the time to have a candid conversation about what needs adjustment.

When reviewing your company’s business process, often there are details across the teams that can be centralized and made more efficient.  Your time is among the most valuable in the organization so do not waste it on tasks you can delegate.  We automate the process vs you delegating streamlined tasks in house which will add hours to your week – valuable time you can spend with new and potential clients nurturing your company’s growth and planning your next move to stay ahead of the competition.